Disability Managment

Disability Management

A systematic and well managed Return to Work program reduces the cost of disability. The courts have supported the Interactive Process, which considers input from both the employee and the employer when evaluating the potential for a reasonable accommodation to continue/return to work.

At Ferra & Associates, we can help employers with disability management by creating a protocol that can be applied consistently to all employees who present with a disability.

An essential functions job analysis is a great start. This serves all parties best when it has been prepared before a question of accommodation comes up, and is substantiated annually as part of the employee review.

Frequently, accommodation can be made in the form of ergonomic modification of the job. Most ergonomic solutions are inexpensive and involve changes in the order of performing work tasks, changes in the equipment used, or how that equipment is operated. In some cases, we have found that the equipment available is ergonomically sound and needs to be adjusted or properly used by the employee. We have years of experience in evaluating and recommending ergonomic options.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, Ferra & Associates can provide mediation services to establish an outcome satisfactory to all parties and minimize the potential for litigation.

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