Job Analysis

Job Analysis

All hiring decisions and supervisory evaluations should be made based on objective criteria. Job analysis provides an objective basis for hiring, evaluating, training, accommodating and supervising persons with disabilities, as well as improving the efficiency of your organization. It is a logical process to determine

  1. purpose – reason for the job,
  2. essential functions – the job duties which are critical or fundamental to the performance of the job,
  3. job setting – the work station and conditions where the essential functions are performed, and
  4. job qualifications – the minimal skills an individual must possess to perform the essential functions.

A job analysis describes the job, not the person who fills it and clearly addresses the physical demands involved in performing the duties.

At Ferra & Associates, we have been performing job analysis in Kern County since 1979, and we are experts in developing an accurate document in the most appropriate format to satisfy the requirements of our customer.

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