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Career Counseling:

We offer a wide array of career counseling including career guidance to employees whose companies have been, individuals with disabilities and more.

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Disability Managment

A systematic and well managed Return to Work program reduces the cost of disability.

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Expert Vocational Testimony

Mr. Kenneth P. Ferra is a practicing Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Vocational Evaluator, and Diplomate – American Board of Vocational Experts with over 30 years of experience.

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Outplacement Services

We are experts in the credentialing of physicians to qualify for Payer rosters and facility privileges.

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Resume Services

Ferra and Associates provides full service resume preparation.

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Ergonomic Assessment

One branch of ergonomics is the study of workplace design and the relationship of work to the mental and physical capabilities of people.

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Job Analysis

All hiring decisions and supervisory evaluations should be made based on objective criteria.

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Linda Ferra, M.A., C.R.C. is qualified to serve as a neutral mediator to assist an employer and employee in reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement regarding issues of disability and reasonable accommodation.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

Employees who have had industrial injuries may be entitled to receive vocational rehabilitation benefits if they are not accommodated by their employer and we are equipped to provide services within the scope of the benefit system requirements.

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Reemployment Support
for People with Disabilities

For help in considering your disability along with a positive, results orientated job search.

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Let Our Experience Work For You

Over 30 years, providing vocational rehabilitation, disability management services, general career counseling, job placement and outplacement assistance, ergonomic evaluation, resume services and expert witness testimony on vocational issues.

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