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Vocational Rehabilitation

Ferra & Associates have been providing rehabilitation services to the southern San Joaquin Valley since 1976. Recognized nationally as a leader, Ferra & Associates provides innovative programs for individuals who have a disability that prevents a return to their usual occupation.

Employees who have had industrial injuries may be entitled to receive vocational rehabilitation benefits if they are not accommodated by their employer and Ferra & Associates is equipped to provide services within the scope of the benefit system requirements.

Ferra & Associates has the tools to evaluate the needs of each individual and identify the type of vocational rehabilitation services which can help the employee return to suitable employment. These services may involve modifying the employee’s usual job; assisting the employee to obtain new employment compatible with his/her physical capabilities; establishing a plan for training the employee for a new occupation; or consideration of self-employment.

Whether an injured worker is covered by the employer/carrier, or has decided to handle rehabilitation independently, we are available to develop a plan of action that will help with returning to work, while staying within medical restrictions. Ferra & Associates assures quality and cost effective rehabilitation with results.

The certified rehabilitation counselors and support staff at Ferra & Associates are qualified to provide the full range of vocational services to provide access to the labor market for an individual with a permanent disability.

  • When referred by a third party payer, the client receives a thorough explanation of rights and responsibilities involved in rehabilitation
  • Transferable skills analysis to assist the client in evaluating how work experience and skills apply to other occupations that comply with medical restrictions
  • Academic achievement and aptitude testing
  • Specific information on public resources and labor market information
  • Information on local training resources, based upon over 30 years of experience
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Over 30 years, providing vocational rehabilitation, disability management services, general career counseling, job placement and outplacement assistance, ergonomic evaluation, resume services and expert witness testimony on vocational issues.